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Your company is probably wasting valuable man hours
on bank recon every day.

With our digital accountant as part of your team, you will experience:

More time available

You'll have enough time to give your clients the attention they deserve.

Increased Consistency

Bob Barry works at the same pace 24/7, without any distractions.

Increased Profitability

With the capacity for more clients and Bob's low costs, your profitability will increase.

We know the stress of not succeeding with your timelines on important tasks.

Our Xero Digital Accountant, Bob Barry, is there to take that frustration away from you.

“So far so good, I did not pick up any inaccuracies.
So far it has been a great experience.
I would like to continue to use it once our trial expires, and I look forward to future feature updates.”

Ryno Barkema

Fynbos Accounting

The accuracy and efficiency it provides have not only saved me time but also enabled me to provide more value to my clients. Our digital accountant truly is a valuable tool for any accounting professional looking to enhance their services and increase their productivity.

Rezaul Hoque

Smiles Better Accountancy

Dough Getters - Finversed - Cloud Co Accounting - Outsourced CFO

Burger&Buurman - Accounting Connect - JZA Advisory & Tax

Making our clients more profitable since
July 2022

21% avg growth per month
Mrc 23 – Feb 23

Currently operating in
South Africa and the United Kingdom

In three easy steps Bob Barry can be part of your team:

Free trial

Start with a 30 day free trial with 2 accounts, to build trust in Bob Barry's abilities.

3 month probation period

Experience how your profitability increases.

Permanent team member

In no time he will become the most dependable member of your team.

At CloudBot we know that you want to be a profitable accounting firm that clients can trust.

In order to do that, you need to manage your time effectively, and be in control of all your business processes. 

The problem is that repetitive, mundane tasks wastes time which makes you feel frustrated and not fully in control because it’s important for you to keep client accounts up to date. 

We believe that time is money and it matters how you spend valuable time in your business. 

We understand the frustration of having to do bank recon which is why our digital accountant, Bob Barry, has helped numerous businesses to become more profitable.

Here’s how we do it: 
Start with a free trial, move to a 3 month probation period, and finally make Bob Barry a permanent team member with a month-to-month contract.

So, sign-up for the free trial and in the meantime book an online demo.

With our Xero Digital Accountant you can then stop spending the majority of your day on bank recon and instead onboard more clients so your company can grow.